Mission and Vision


Holistic approach towards the upliftment of the Overseas Filipino Worker and his / her family spiritually, morally, emotionally and financially translating to family solidarity and work excellence.


Transformed Overseas Filipino Worker as totally integrated persons moving professionally towards socio – economic progress, making significant contribution to the host country, and making an impact in the development of his / her own country.


JM International has been consistent recipient of various awards, both international and local, merited for its excellent service and outstanding performance.

JM Awards and Citations

Moral and Spiritual Values Services
Land based Agency existing 20 years above
One of the few agencies with
no adversely decided Recruitment Violation cases
for the last 10 years

Exemplary Welfare Program in the area of
Socio - Economic Reintegration

Certificate of Merit
for its exemplary and remarkable service
rendered to the Filipino community

Certificate of Appreciation
for its outstanding achievement
demonstrated leadership and lasting commitment
to the welfare of the Filipino Community in Qatar
Scroll of Recognition
for having consistently supported
the delivery of OWWA Programs and services
to Filipino workers in Doha, Qatar
Client Referral Advisory (CRA)

Remembering a great Filipino – JM International Noble Founder

Jaime N. Ferrer

Experts from WILLIAM M. ESPOSO, As I Wreck This Chair, The Philippine Star OPINION, August 2007

          …Today, I talk about our heroes because today marks the 20th anniversary of the assassination of a grate Filipino. Twenty years ago, our country lost a great man – one we could wish we have today.

           He fought a guerilla war at a young age, leading the Hunters ROTC in resisting the Japanese
during World War II. He served as Undersecretary to the most popular Chief Executive we ever had,
President Magsaysay. He Organized the original NAMFREL for a crucial election that restored
people’s faith in democracy. He was one of the Comelec ( Commission on Elections ) Chairman
we ever had ….

          Throughout his public services career, not a single scandal tainted his reputation. I refer to
the late Local Government Secretary JAIME N.FERRER. Ka Jaime had the stature, honesty and