Deploying Filipino Workers Since 1980

“Honesty & Integrity in Public or Private Endeavor”

JM International Inc. was founded in 1980 by the late Hon. JAIME N. FERRERformerly the Philippine Secretary of Interior & Local Government (1986), known also as the “Father of Parañaque” as he served as Congressman (Parañaque-Las Piñas District), before which, the Chairman of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC), and at one time, Presidential Executive Assistant and Undersecretary of Agriculture and Natural Resources. A man of unquestionable integrity and honesty, he has maintained 30 years of untainted record in government and public service.

The same spirit of humble service and sincere concern for his fellowmen moved him to set up a licensed land based recruitment agency. Thus, JM International, Inc. was established to better respond to the growing number of highly skilled Filipino workers and/or professionals who seek to uplift their standard of living by working abroad, thereby opening up the doors for world-class manpower supply while maintaining the highest standard for experience and excellence in one’s field of specialization. JM International facilitated   the   proper   deployment   of   these  workers  in  a   strictly   “No Placement Fee” policy within the most efficient service framework of processing and in strict compliance with the Rules & Regulations of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) in all its legalities.


The Company has been a consistent recipient of various awards, both international and local, merited for its excellent service and outstanding performance. 

JM International has been commended for having shown great concern for the well being of its deployed workers and their families. Also, for launching various programs to enhance family life, psycho-spiritual, socio-economic and cultural services for the total development of the human person such as counseling, retreat, prayer meetings, celebrations of JM anniversary and special occasions, skills training & livelihood projects, multi-purpose cooperative, housing project and more.


Backed up by Forty Two years (42) of continuous operation,  which earned the trust and patronage of various reputable and prestigious clients in Southeast Asia, the Pacific, and the Middle East, its reputation has been further enhanced by the excellent performance of its recruits. Highly skilled, result-oriented Filipinos known for their ingenuity and innovativeness are the select pool of professionals, technicians and workers at JM International.

Mr. Jess Ferrer and Mrs. Mercy Ferrer with  AL MASHATA Family

Mr. Jess Ferrer and Mrs. Mercy Ferrer yearly visit to the Middle East. As seen here they are with Mr. Baber Malik and the Blue salon employees of BLUE SALON Qatar.

Porsche Qatar at AL BORAQPorsche Qatar at AL BORAQ

Mr. Jess Ferrer, Mrs. Mercy Ferrer and Ms. Vicky Ferrer-Mustafa, together with the Modern home Qatar Employees.

The contribution of JM International in uplifting the local recruitment industry has drawn commendations from various labor groups and local civic organizations in the country. Its strict policy of “No Placement Fee” has been exemplary. Through the years, JM International has been recognized as a top-performing agency, sending quality workers abroad without compromising the principles of “Honesty and Integrity”.





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Address: 4803 Sampaguita St. Marimar Village South
Superhighway Parañaque Metro Manila, Philippines 1712

(Landmarks: Behind SM Bicutan Mall or Toyota Bicutan)

Telephone No: (632) 8-823-0609 / (632) 8-823-0610   Fax No:  (+632) 8-823-0627
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PEOS (Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar)







What is The PEOS Online?


The MANDATORY  Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS) Online is a free program by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). It is a learning website that aims to educate aspiring Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) on the legal ways of working overseas and prepare them to be documented OFWs. Visit POEAS Website @

Why do you need to take the seminar?

It’s a mandatory requirement for quick and convenient way to learn and understand the ins and outs of becoming an OFW.

It will provide you information about the legal ways of obtaining a job abroad, tips on how to spot and avoid illegal recruiters, and the physical, emotional, and psychological preparations that one should do before leaving his or her family in the Philippines to work overseas.

A short, quick lesson about cultural awareness is also included.

I took it myself, and although I was confident that I am knowledgeable about what is legal and not, and despite my broad awareness of the cultural differences amongst regions around the world, I still incurred one incorrect answer.

It was a fun and easy online seminar, just like watching 5-10 minute Youtube videos. You can do it anywhere, and all you need is an internet connection and a computer.

Ideally, the PEOS should be taken before an aspiring OFW start his or her application. It will actually also help you decide whether you are “ready” to work abroad or not. Nonetheless, you can still do it at any time during your application process. My brother, for example, took this online seminar while waiting for his OEC to be released.



4803 Sampaguita St. Marimar Village Parañaque South Super Highway ,Metro Manila Philippines 1712


Landmark: Behind SM Bicutan Mall or Behind Toyota Bicutan.


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 "Walang Lagay".




(632) 8-823-0609

(632) 8-823-0610

Fax No: (632) 8-823-0627

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3 sets of detailed resume with passport copy,NBI clearance with Red ribbon from DFA,PEOS Certificate (from POEA Online), , Experience Certificates, 6 pcs 2x2 pictures white Background and whole body picture  to JM International,Inc. office located at 4803 Sampaguita St.,Marimar Village,Parananque(At the back of SM Bicutan). We will inform you if you are pre-selected for the interview, KINDLY MAKE YOUR RESUME WITH CLEAR INFORMATION AND DESCRIPTION OF THE POSITION YOU ARE APPLYING FOR(YOUR EXPERIENCE SHOULD BE THE SAME WITH THE POSITION YOU ARE APPLYING FOR), AND ATTACHED THE COPIES OF THE REQUIREMENTS.





Mandatory PEOS Online Certificate (from POEA Online)
1 Long Brown Envelope with 3 Sets of the following:

Resume with Detailed Job Description
2 X 2 Colored Picture white background
Passport Copy (Valid for 1 year)
NBI (for Abroad/ Red ribbon by DFA)
Copy of Employment Certificates
Copy of Diploma and TOR
Copy of Seminars Attended



 You can send your Resume in Word Format / PDF Format at our Email add: or


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